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Talanto Capital Markets was established to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals, collective investment schemes, well informed investors and both professional and institutional investors seeking access to the best-performing managed forex funds. Our values and principles guide us to deliver high performance returns on your investment.


Fund Structure and main focus.


Meet our long run views for the current year.


Simplify, Preserve and Grow are our main tenets.


Talanto Capital Markets AIF Umbrella VCIC Ltd (the “Fund”) ‘s objective is to create a long term capital growth to our investors. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional individuals consistently strive to deliver outstanding returns by using all available resources in their possession.

We believe that structured investments – with appropriate asset allocation and diversification – represent all the criteria to ensure optimized long-term wealth, financial security, and peace of mind.

Market Focus

The objective of Talanto Capital Markets is to seek long term capital growth through the investment in a portfolio consisting of major foreign exchange (FX) currencies. As a matter of long term investment policy, we target capital growth from investment strategies that are difficult for investors to access due to high management fees and high minimum entry level requirements or simply without access possibility.

The Fund was established to provide access to investors that are keen to invest in the highly liquid FX market and seek the security of a regulated company that adheres to the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

” Working on making our passion your service.”


“Benefit from every profitable opportunity.”



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